Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston TX

Laser Tattoo Removal Houston TX

Why Laser?

For many people, tattoos are regarded as an embellishment, a memorial for a dearly departed, or a celebration of a momentous life event. Some tattoos are grim or dark, while others are funny and whimsical. Tattoos are permanent and very hard to remove. However as technology has evolved, there are more effective methods of removing unwanted body art.

Whether you have one tattoo that you just can’t stand anymore, or want to start fresh and remove them all, we are here to help. There are plenty of DIY “tattoo removal” solutions out there, but be careful, as some can actually damage your skin, and none are even close to as effective as laser. We offer you painless, effective, and fast tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal Is The Answer

Our clinic has trained and skilled professionals who work closely with our patients to ensure that their removal process goes as smooth as possible. Regardless of your reason to get rid of your tattoo, we understand that it may be hard to let go and are here to support you through the process. Our certified technicians are friendly, understanding and most of all highly trained in the latest laser tattoo removal procedures. For these reasons, we are the best place to go to remove your body art in Houston, TX. Our team of skilled and experienced medical professionals will work on having your tattoos removed quickly and efficiently. We’ll do it with as little to no discomfort as possible.

How to Prepare for Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures

Preparing to have a tattoo removed takes careful planning. First of all, you must really be convinced that it is time to part with your body art. Most of the time, people have themselves inked for sentimental reasons and it understandably a tough decision to make – taking some people years to decide.

Once the decision is made, it is time to come to the clinic for a consultation. We’ll walk you through the process including how long it takes, how many sessions are needed, how much it will cost, and if there will be any scarring or discomfort afterwards. Basically, this consultation will allow us to assess your art and also serve as an opportunity for you to raise any concerns or questions you may have about the laser tattoo removal procedure.

Once we  have this covered, you can schedule your first session. Generally, each laser removal session takes about half an hour; but because some tattoos are very large and some inks have more pigments compared to others, it may take longer and many more sessions before the tattoo is fully removed.

Check out our laser tattoo removal faqs for more information.

What Happens After the Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure?

Our company wants clients to be comfortable and happy with the results of their procedure. If there are some stubborn spots or smudges that won’t go away, we are here any time if you want to come in for a follow up session. Our staff has always been known for being friendly and accommodating.

Usually, after a laser removal, our staff will give you advice on what you should not do. You may also request some mild pain relievers if you’re afraid of pain and discomfort. The good news though is that having body art removed is nowhere near as painful as when you got it.

It’s something worth looking into if you’re someone who has thought about making some changes to your body or moving on to a new phase of your life. In some cases though, people would just rather have a mistake corrected than live with it the rest if their lives.

You can call us today and ask for a quote, or schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. Remember that we hold the privacy of our customers as a closely guarded secret, so no one will ever find out about the procedure.

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